about me

I love trying to figure out how things work, tinkering, and overall getting my hands dirty. I'm currently working as an Instructor at MIT helping run a variety of design classes, from toys to single-man electric boats. Over the years I've had the privelege to guide students as they develop new products and toys, introduce North Korean defectors to science and engineering, create 100 stuffed animal fish for an engineering race, teach high school girls mechanical engineering, break glass multiple times on a professors head, help build lobster shapped boats and so much more.
I'm a Texan-born mechanginal engineer with family from Argentina. In 2016 I graduated from MIT with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Applied International Studies. Right now, I'm a future graduate student in Meche at Stanford University with a focus on Manufacturing and Product Realization. I am always looking for something new to learn or a challenge to tackle. Not one to sit around, you can find me gardening, baking, and playing in a Senegalese drum ensemble in my free time.
CNC Machining
Injection Molding
Laser cutting
3D printing
Premier Pro
Vinyl Cutting

projects, teaching, and fun