Global Teaching Labs | Korea

Through MIT's Global Teaching Labs I lead teams of MIT students to teach in Korea three times. In Korea, we taught hands-on science and engineering classes to non-english speaking students, designing our own curriculum and activities. Often we were the sole suppervisors of groups of 40 students ranging from 6th grade to 12th for weeks at a time. I taught in a variety of situations, from a North Korean defectors school to living at an orphanage with Catholic nuns, but regardless of the location all of my students were highly under-privleged. In Korea, hands-on education is entirely non existant with students learning from rote memorization and after school programs. Our programs lasted ~1.5 months and showed students that learning can be fun! Activities ranged from teaching aerodynamics, ozone depletion, astronomy, DNA samples, and so much more. A news article about my experience can be found on MIT's news release.